Support Proposal

Brilliance Information Service Proposal is a comprehensive and systematic solution to address your services needs. It incorporates unique and innovative techniques and approaches in computer resources utilization to improve overall organizational productivity. The services proposal is supported by our high level of technical skill, committed management team and excellent services provided. The benefits that your organization will enjoy are: -

  • Equipment failure will be promptly attended to by our professional technical personnel and the uptime will be maximized
  • Planning and controlling your yearly budget will be easier since the cost is static
  • Response time of between to 2 – 4 hours of a service call of a distance of 24km radius from our nearest service center.
  • The Standard “next business day commitment” is based on a location of the service more than 24km. The response time will be between 4-24 hours plus traveling time
  • Average downtime of less than 4 hours for a distance of 24km from our nearest service center
  • Central reporting at HQ & Hot Line service to assist in solving complex problems
  • Products (hardware and system software) including third party’s products will be maintained, supported and serviced by only a Single Vendor