We are committed to assist your organisation, enhance your capabilities to meet the challenges of the competitive environment.

About Us

Our IT solutions have an edge in your industry as we are hardworking, flexible, responsible and dedicated to your success. We are ready to face the challenges with you. Since our inception in 1996, our clients have depended on us to improve their business efficiency, increase data availability and manage their business critical information.

Brinfo applies its expertise to ensure business continuity and to help companies build end-to-end solutions consisting of analysis, planning and design, multi-vendor integration, implementation and management. We help our clients-from SMBs to large multinationals (none too big nor to small) - achieving a quicker return on their investments through services that help speed deployment and technology that brought them leverage utilizing existing skills and architecture.

The concept of a triangle in the logo is based on three points which represent the management, the company and Brinfo's staff. In total, the prism represents Brinfo in general. The peak, represents the staff itself and supported by the base which consist of the company and the management. This act as a foundation on Brinfo's daily operation and the staff working for us the best asset that Brinfo has to offer. The ways of our business operation are very transparent with not much protocol and red tape.The triangle also represents the highest peak in life. To reach the top, takes a whole load of hard work and to continue to be at the top is even harder. Every success is rewarding and we continue to work even harder to achieve perfection. We had full faith in what we do and we are very grateful to GOD.

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